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What's the photovoltaic energy?

The photovoltaic energy is electricity produced from solar energy via photovoltaic modules. When photons (particles composing the solar radiation) meet the surface of the photovoltaic glass cell, they transmit their energy to the electrons in the glass  panel which by moving create an direct current which is then transformed into alternating current by an inverter or an undulator, to be re-injected into the distribution network.
What's the photovoltaic module?

A photovoltaic module is used for the production of current from sunlight. it is a unit composed of several cells electrically linked up and ready on install. Several modules constitute a photovoltaic generator.
What makes up a photovoltaic installation?

- Panels
- Undulator/ Inverter
- An Integration System
What are the photovoltaic panels?

Photovoltaic solar panels quietly produce a clean energy whithout any CO2 emission. Modules composed of photovoltaic cells allow the transformation of the solar radiation into electricity. Thes cells are mainly composed of silicon, an existing semiconducting material of the transformation of silica (sand), a bottomless and abounding constituent of our planet (28% of the Earth core). In most cases mounted on roofs and building terraces, photovoltaic panels can also be set up on building facades or else on the ground for systems of high power capacity.
When protons (particles composing the solar radiation) meet the surface of photovoltaic cell, they transmit their energy to the neutrons of the later. By moving these negatively charged neutrons create direct current which is then transformed by an inverter or an undulator into alternating current to be re-injected into the distribution network.
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How many kinds of panels are there?

There are mainly three of photovoltaic solar panels:
The Single or Mono-crystalline panels have an output of between 15% and 18%. They are particularly recommended for small surfaces. Multi or Poly-crystalline have a very interesting price to production racio. Less expensive, this type of photovoltaic panel is also very used.
Amorphous or shapeless panels are particularly effective in case of weak sunlight.
With a cheap purchase price they also produce less electricity than Crystalline panels.
What is an undulator/inverter ?

An undulator/invertor is an electronic component of high energy that can deliver tensions and alternating current from a continuous electric energy source.
It has the opposite function to a rectifier. An undulator is a converter of type direct/alternating.
What is the life span of my installation?

The solar panels have a life span of  25 years constructor's warranty.
The undulators (used to transform your production from direct current into alternating current) we provide a 20 years warranty.
What is a Watt crate?

The watt crest characterizes the potency of a panel. Potency crest represents the maximum power produced by the panel.
So a panel of 180Wc will issue a maximum power produced of 180 Watt in an hour.
What is the estimated output of a solar panel?
The productivity of a solar installation depends on several aspects:
- The type of chosen photovoltaic cell/module
- The orientation/direction of the installation
- The angle of inclination of the panel
- Presence or not of shade or traveling shade
- Sunlight hours - the weather forecast
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